Corporate Governance and Compliance

Our corporate governance and compliance practice group advises on a series of practices and measures that enable a business to systematically apply our clients’ management principles and ensure that internal and external relationships are more objective, effective and transparent, thus boosting confidence for shareholders, investors, suppliers and the market in general.  Given our inter-disciplinary approach, we utilize all resources across our various practice groups when planning and implementing a comprehensive compliance program for our clients to prevent incidents that may lead to an eventual investigation by the relevant authorities.

Our firm’s highly qualified professionals´ involvement in corporate governance range from training and setting rules of conduct, policy and structured compliance programs for a particular business, to directing, monitoring and overseeing internal and external relationships, always focusing on optimizing processes and enhancing the quality of management, with the ultimate goal of laying the basis for and maintaining the growth of the company’s long-term economic value.  Applying these rules of conduct and policy to compliance programs is therefore crucial for companies in improving performance and ensuring sound institutions; and in preventing and impeding abuse of power, strategic mistakes, fraud or corruption, among other risky situations.

What We Do

  • Analyze and assess practices adopted by our clients to confirm their compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies;
  • Analyze, draft, amend and implement codes of ethics, policies, internal controls, and compliance programs for any type of business;
  • Formulate corporate governance structures, internal regulations and policies, rules for internal and external communication;
  • Develop and run compliance training programs, and structure internal channels and controls for discreet inquiries and reporting relating to potential compliance violations;
  • Conduct risk assessments, contractual audits, internal investigations, and inquiries of any type;
  • Interview management, employees and third parties;
  • Provide guidance and prepare defenses in light of inquiries, administrative and judicial proceedings;
  • Represent clients in negotiations on leniency agreements with governmental authorities.
  • Coordination and implementation of corporate governance relating to the restructuring of a welding industry multinational
  • Planning and structuring of corporate governance of a group involved in the technology sector for renewable energy, telecom and electronic security
  • Coordination and implementation of corporate governance in mid-sized entities from a diversified range of sectors of industry, trade and services businesses
  • Structuring and implementation of a compliance program and training for the Brazilian subsidiary of a Norwegian Group specializing in the transportation and storage of chemical products as well as the operation of private airport terminals
  • Structuring and implementation of a compliance program and training for the Brazilian subsidiary of an US-based global supplier of highly specialized engineered solutions with operations in over 35 countries and sales in over 150 countries around the world
  • Structuring and implementation of a compliance program and training for the Brazilian subsidiary of a world leader in arc-welding products, robotic arc-welding systems, and alloys market
  • Implementation of professionalized management and efficient corporate governance in family-owned business


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NYSBA 2017 - Guatemala

The NYSBA event in Guatemala took place from September 12-14, 2017, with the participation of our partner Maria Sylvia de Toledo Ridolfo who is responsible for the regulatory department at MNA.