Real Estate

Our top-notch team of attorneys in our real estate practice group has extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate market and our constant monitoring of the relevant legislation assures that our clients benefit from the most comprehensive legal advice in Brazil for real estate transactions.  Our highly-qualified professionals can readily assist with due diligence investigations, purchase and sale commitments and/or contracts, leases (commercial and residential), built-to-suit contracts, exchanges, fiduciary transfers, subdivisions and other related transactions, as well as negotiating all commercial and contractual terms of such transactions.

What We Do

  • Advise local and foreign individuals and legal entities with the purchase and/or sale of residential, non-residential and rural real estate;
  • Conduct thorough due diligence investigations to assess risks and liabilities of the target property;
  • Assist in the vetting of any real estate assets and rectifying respective deeds;
  • Update and issue municipal governments forms to pay Real Estate Transfer Tax (ITBI) or to apply for exemption thereof;
  • Negotiate and prepare all documentation relating to any real estate transaction, including but not limited to, commitments, purchase and sale agreements, exchanges, payments-in-kind, loans, mortgages, fiduciary transfers, leases, built-to-suit, condominiums, subdivisions, shopping malls, distribution centers, factories/industrial units, among others;
  • Advise on and assist in rural real estate transactions, rural partnership contracts, leasing, among others;
  • Assist in litigation for defendants or plaintiffs in administrative and judicial cases involving asset protection, usurpation, trespass, construction/real estate developments, gated communities (condominiums), expropriation, lease renewals, rent reviews, eviction, adverse possession, and other such cases;
  • Incorporate and implement real estate funds for retail investors, and issuance of real estate debentures;
  • Advise on obtaining operating licenses, fire department clearances, permits, occupancy certificates and any other documents required by government agencies (municipal governments, state treasury departments, CETESB, INCRA, Federal Police, and others) to ensure that all necessary and relevant rules and regulations are met by the property´s occupant.
  • Representation of a large multinational company in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry in its lease and purchase option of a local factory in amount of R$70,000,000;
  • Representation of a multinational food company in the sale of rural property and equipment in the amount of R$16,000,000;
  • Representation of a company specializing in shopping centers in its joint venture to acquire real estate and construct a shopping mall in São Paulo with total investments of R$250,000,000;
  • Representation of a company specializing in shopping centers in its joint venture in an investment fund with total investments of R$500,000,000;
  • Undertaking debt structuring, with issuance of debentures and real estate guarantees, for a private equity fund and real estate fund, in the amount of R$40,000,000;
  • Representation of a group of real estate investors in the acquisition and sale of assets in the amount of R$10,000,000;
  • Assistance in the development of various real estate ventures in São Paulo, other parts of Brazil, as well as abroad.


9 de April de 2014 | Informatives
"Conforme dispõe a Lei nº 10.406/2002 (“Código Civil”) e a Lei 6.404/1976 (“Lei das Sociedades por Ações”), as sociedades de responsabilidade limitadas e as sociedades por ações são obrigadas, anualmente, a proceder, respectivamente, com a reunião de sócios quotistas..."Read More